The end of the semester is upon us, which means the end of a RCOS semester. Brian and I will continue to push forward for the next little bit, getting some work done till the end. The most recent updates have been the java printing client, the diagnostic code to test the connections has been taking some time, along with optimizing it for speed. We apologize for lack of posts this semester, the different parts of the project are more or less independent of each other and our work has been independent of each other. Thus we have not needed to commit often, which made us not commit as often as we should have.


Have a good summer everyone, see you in the fall.


I did not like how the website looked, so I… rewrote it, this time it is built on twitter bootstrap. This gives a bunch of basic layout elements as well as look and feel elements. This is put out under the Apache license; that is available at The new design can be seen in action at

There are two sub projects being worked on concurrently at this time; the main project is growing and being worked on getting authentication along with other features in place. While that is being worked on the Java print manager is also being built. The Java program allows a website to give a url such as “server/#vcpalw” and the site will make a installer that will work on any OS and install vcpalw at RPI. IT can detect problems with a connection to servers and attempt to correct as well.

One interesting problem that has arisen in making the java app is timing of servers. When you query a Windows server, it can take anywhere from 5 to 35 seconds to respond, depending on server loud and other aspects. My solution was to have the server that gives out the program to have a text file. This text file is a cache and allows the client to pull that and if there is a printer missing then the client can go through the 30 second loading process.

Right now we are working on how the application end and the web end can work together to authenticate the user securely. At the same time I am working on some code that will make printing easier, it works with one click to get a printer working. Progress is being made there even when the authentication issue is being worked on.

The problem with login is the web system needs the credentials as well as the client. So we are working on allowing the user to enter their credentials securely on the client end then that authenticates to the web end silently in the background.

My partner and I are working on a schedule where I commit one Wednesday, then he commits the next one. Thus we will have weekly updates of some type. The client end is coming along it is processing the basic script, a solid start. On the web end I am working on making privileged users able to login, then add packages. Most of the website design is modular so if you update the header, ever pages header updates.

I put the first commit it, since my partner and I are functioning semi-independently, me on web end while he works client end, he needed something to get started. So I gave a very very very basic page, all static, just so he can start building a client that has something to work with.

This site will house the Enstall Project, more to come.